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Relationships are developed over time. InterSource has 25 years experience providing companies customized leadership searches across all industries. The key to success is InterSource’s ability to transcend the vendor/client relationship and partner with the client as part of their internal team.

Business Leadership Search

What do we do that you cannot do yourself? We dedicate 100% of our time to YOUR recruitment needs. We have spent years developing relationships with professionals across all industries and areas of expertise.  We have placed key executives all over the world and then helped them to fill the needs within their team. We excel at cultivating relationships. We excel at finding the candidates who are “invisible” in the market place. We also excel at research targeting qualified candidates who can share the values of your company.  We deliver quality search results in record time.


Nonprofit Leadership Search

Finding the right next leader for a nonprofit organization can be a game changer.  
Over the past 10 years InterSource has conducted more than 70 nonprofit leadership searches in organizations with budgets as large as $200M a year to small agencies with less than a $1M budget. In many cases Patti worked closely with the boards of directors to craft a smooth executive transition process including providing communication planning, interim executive directors, our time tested Search process and on boarding planning.

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Executive Direction

Understanding and relating positively to other people is an art. InterSource Executive Direction has spent years developing and practicing this art and will provide you insight and assessment on team management, productivity, and barrier breaking performance of employees. We will facilitate the process of improving your company's staff loyalty by assisting you in your employee selection process.

The process begins with a candidate assessment.  One of the best tools in our toolbox for identifying a candidate's attributes is an assessment known as the Birkman Method™. This assessment was developed through 50 years of research and has been further refined by two million assessments in more than five thousand companies worldwide.

The InterSource Executive Direction mission is to align individuals, groups and organizations with their skills, talents and values. You and your company will be provided the information and language needed to understand and relate well to others. With this understanding, companies accelerate from Good to GREAT!

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Savino "Sid" Ferrales
Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Teleperformance

I have used the services provided by InterSource for many years due to the effort they take in developing a deep understanding of a client’s needs. Their strong business partnering orientation is the key to the quality results they have delivered.

In particular, InterSource’s Executive Direction has provided invaluable coaching and assessment services in support of a major leadership development initiative here at RealNetworks. Specifically, our executives have shared extremely positive comments regarding the depth and quality of InterSource’s executive support services. They stated that the coaching afforded them was of great benefit and immediate use to their personal and professional development. We see these services as an integral piece of our Leadership Development initiative.

Chris Canada
On-Site Austin
HR Solution - Candidate Flow Management

It was the classic "catch twenty-two"… Chris Canada's company, On-Site Austin was growing so quickly, he couldn't focus on hiring the needed talent, yet without the additional resources he couldn't maintain the accelerated pace, much less grow his organization to his five year vision… offices in other business markets!

Chris contacted InterSource to manage the candidates generated from his national job postings, and plug-in as an integral component to his hiring methodology.  Within weeks InterSource provided clarity of those candidates that should be hired from those who were not qualified.  Nine candidates were hired within the first month, thus providing the solution that was missing for months.

InterSource continues to be a resource to On-Site Austin as peak hiring demands occur.

Jane Hill
Founding Head of School - Trinity Episcopal School
Austin TX

"InterSource Executive Search has recruited a number of professionals for Trinity Episcopal School.  Each time they provided us amazing candidates that have become integral parts of our leadership team.  We know we can count on InterSource to understand our hiring needs."

Gregg Wroblewski
Market Sales Manager, Buffalo Market
Safety-Kleen Corporation

As Market Sales Manager for Safety-Kleen, I had the pleasure of developing a valuable business partnership with InterSource during the past year and a half. They not only took the time to truly understand the skills, education and industry experience needed for each position, but also had a solid understanding of our company culture.  InterSource kept the communication lines open, had prompt follow up and continually had a keen sense of urgency in responding to our changing needs. Without their ability to help us “push the process” we wouldn't have been able to meet our goals of bringing in a high number of sales reps within a short period of time. It would be my pleasure to work with them again for any of our staffing needs.

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Patti Halladay

Patti Halladay
President InterSource
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Patti Halladay, a search professional with InterSource for the last 15 years, comes to this work from a previous professional career as a Human Resources Executive in private industry. She holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration with a concentration in Human Resources.  

Being of service is at the core of who Patti Halladay is.  Through years of volunteer service in leadership positions on nonprofit boards, Patti witnessed the extraordinary difference the right leader can make for an organization.  Finding the right people at the right time for the right company is what makes this work her passion.



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