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Understanding and relating positively to other people is an art. InterSource Executive Direction has spent years developing and practicing this art and will provide you insight and assessment on team management, productivity, and barrier breaking performance of employees. We will facilitate the process of improving your company's staff loyalty by assisting you in your employee selection process.

The process begins with a candidate assessment.  One of the best tools in our toolbox for identifying a candidate's attributes is an assessment known as the Birkman Method™. This assessment was developed through 50 years of research and has been further refined by two million assessments in more than five thousand companies worldwide.

The InterSource Executive Direction mission is to align individuals, groups and organizations with their skills, talents and values. You and your company will be provided the information and language needed to understand and relate well to others. With this understanding, companies accelerate from Good to GREAT!

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InterSource is an experienced retained Executive Recruitment Service Company located in Austin, Texas. The need for talented individuals never diminishes and with a focus on close personal service, confidentiality and integrity, InterSource has provided recruiting excellence for our client companies since 1986.

InterSource is HUB Certified.

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